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State requires DNA tests, but who pays what?

DNA CollectorSTEVENS POINT – People found guilty of crimes in Wisconsin must pay to have their DNA collected — but ambiguous wording in the law may mean they’re not all paying the same amount.

How Anthony Graves Went from Death Row to Overseeing the Houston Crime Lab

Anthony GravesA few weeks ago, Anthony Graves began hearing rumors that he was under consideration for a spot on the Houston Forensic Science Center’s board of directors — a post that would put him in a position to help the city prevent wrongful convictions.

Minnesota county plans restarting DNA collection for some defendants

DNA in a test tubeA county south of the Twin Cities says it is planning to restart the collection of DNA samples from people arrested and charged with violent crimes.

Crime-scene DNA errors spark complex legal questions

DNA HelixPHOENIX — Recent admissions by the FBI involving data errors in calculating DNA probabilities are challenging the infallibility of DNA evidence, a science with a longstanding reputation as the forensic gold standard.
Prosecutors and bureau officials say the mistakes will have a minimal effect on criminal cases, but the real impact of the revelations in courtrooms across the country remains to be seen.

Detroit, UPS figure way out of sex assault kit backlog

Sexual Assault Kits 3Hundreds of thousands of sexual assault victims around the country have gone through the humiliation of medical exams to obtain the DNA of their alleged attackers, only to have the evidence sit unused and not analyzed in a warehouse or on a shelf for years, sometimes decades.

China completes DNA collection to identify ship dead

430 victims of disasterChina has completed the DNA collection needed to identify the 432 bodies recovered so far from last week’s deadly Yangtze boat disaster.

2 brothers pardoned, clearing way for them to receive $750K

Blue Helix4RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — When DNA evidence freed two brothers wrongfully imprisoned for an 11-year-old girl’s killing, each was given $45 by prison officials.
Nine months later, pardons issued Thursday by North Carolina’s governor have cleared the way for Henry McCollum and Leon Brown to receive $750,000 each from the state for spending three decades in prison…

FBI notifies Maricopa County Attorney’s Office about DNA data errors

Technician and PipettePHOENIX — The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has received information about errors in FBI DNA Profile Frequency Data.

State-of-the-Art Lab To Help Identify Lost Service Members

DPAA-Hawaii-lab RenderingSifting through the remains of lost military members is no easy task, but it’s one researchers and scientists take very seriously at the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency labs in Hawaii. Now, they have a brand-new building that will centralize their efforts to identify the lost.

Iowa State University to Establish Forensic Science Center

Iowa Fingerprint AnalysisAMES, Iowa – Iowa State University has been awarded a five-year, up to $20 million grant to establish a Forensic Science Center of Excellence.

State’s new $30 million-plus crime lab ready

New Crime LabWith about 90,000 square feet, the new state Forensics Laboratory is tripled the size of the old Crime Lab off of Woodrow Wilson Drive in Jackson, which had about 26,000 square feet.

Dover DNA lab helps ID fallen WWII soldier

BeetheThe remains of another missing World War II service member have been identified – with the help of the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory at Dover Air Force Base.

New Dubai Police forensics lab stays one step ahead

Dubai Forensics LabDubai: Dubai Police’s new forensics laboratory being built at a cost of $100 million (Dh367.28 million) is expected to be operational by the end of the year.

New UW program could help reunite families with remains of MIA military members

Cpl. Robert ZieglerUPDATE (WKOW) — About 1,400 families in Wisconsin are among the tens of thousand across the country who never got closure after losing a loved one in World War II.

Mansion Fire: DNA on Pizza Crust Led Authorities to DC Murder Suspect, Sources Say

DNA and PizzaAuthorities searched a Maryland home overnight in the investigation of a deadly mansion murder, going through the trash and removing bags of evidence — but in the end it was a piece of pizza crust that could lead to the suspect’s arrest.