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State senator from Affton proposes DNA samples for felony arrests .

DNA Database(KMOV) – A Missouri state senator from Affton has filed a bill that would require DNA testing of people arrested for a felony.

State senator from Affton proposes DNA samples for felony arrests .

dna-samples(KMOV) – A Missouri state senator from Affton has filed a bill that would require DNA testing of people arrested for a felony.
Under Senate Bill 879 proposed by Sen. Scott Sifton, D-Affton, anyone 17 years or older arrested for a felony offense would have to provide a DNA sample upon booking into a county jail or detention facility.

Maryland v. King: Possibly The Most Important Criminal Procedure Case in Decades

supremecourtMany Supreme Court observers, including no less than Justice Samuel Alito himself, have described Maryland v. King1 as perhaps the most important criminal procedure case that the Court has decided in decades.2 While this may well be true, the question presented to the Court was actually quite simple: Is the warrantless collection of DNA from arrestees unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment? In answering that question in the negative, the Court arguably did nothing more than apply the plain text of the Fourth Amendment to an increasingly common fact of modern law enforcement life-the collection of DNA. However, the 5-4 split among the Justices suggests that the majority’s conclusion was not so obvious to everyone. Nevertheless, it seems that, all things considered, the majority got it right.

South Africa to Fight Crime With New DNA Law

…In a rare bright spot, a new law will expand a state DNA database used to fight crime by compelling police to take samples from convicted offenders as well as suspects in crimes ranging from homicide to theft, a major undertaking that will test the nation’s troubled police force…DNA 2

Committee Narrows “Katie’s Law” DNA Testing Bill

Wyoming-State-Capitol2CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A Wyoming legislative committee has scaled back a proposal to require people accused of charges of serious crimes to provide DNA samples.

DNA Bill gives voice to victims

DNA and justiceSouth Africa-The introduction of the DNA Bill into law will see more criminals caught and provide voices to voiceless rape survivors, such as children.
Speaking at a panel discussion in Johannesburg yesterday, rape survivor Lindie Mdlulie said DNA would be a conclusive factor when rape victims cannot speak for themselves in court.
The Bill, which allows police to take a DNA sample from suspected criminals, was passed by the National Assembly last year.

Gov. Phil Bryant supports collecting DNA after certain arrests

DNA Helix StructureJACKSON, Mississippi (AP) — Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said Tuesday that he supports proposals to require collection of DNA from people arrested and charged with violent crimes such as murder.

Utah legislators advance bill to allow DNA sampling at time of booking

Justice and DNAA bill that would allow law-enforcement agencies to collect DNA samples at the time of booking for those arrested on a felony moved forward with unanimous support in an emotional House committee hearing Monday.

Bills seek moratorium on destroying DNA evidence

DNA and justiceOLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The destruction of DNA evidence in some criminal cases has prompted the introduction of measures in the state House and Senate that would impose an 18-month moratorium on such actions.

Rape-Kit Backlog Bill Introduced

Gavel2Measure would require rape kits be sent for processing to crime labs within five days of being booked into evidence by law enforcement.

Genes And Crime Scenes

Iowa AnalystSIOUX CITY | As forensic investigation techniques get more advanced, police investigators are finding them ever more useful in solving crimes. A new law set to take effect in Iowa later this year could help law enforcement officers even more.

Indiana Supreme Court rules on evidence

Gavel2INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that criminal defendants aren’t entitled to question in court every person who handled evidence used against them.

J.B. Van Hollen wants changes to law on DNA collection

DNA GraphicMadison — State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said he hopes lawmakers early next year will reconsider some of the changes they made to the state’s new law requiring DNA collection from anyone arrested for a felony

California DNA criminal law: Appeals court weighs challenge to state’s taking DNA from all felony suspects

Scales of JusticeFRANCISCO — With a sweeping California law allowing the collection of DNA from anyone arrested for a felony hanging in the balance, a federal appeals court on Monday struggled with whether a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling forecloses a legal challenge to the controversial law enforcement practice in this state.

Department of Corrections Issues Comprehensive Action Plan to Improve Felon DNA Collection

KY Dept of CorrectionsFour months ago, the department determined that several thousand DNA samples had been missed, prompting intense outreach and collection procedures and an independent investigation into the cause of the lapse. Since then, the department has collected more than 5,000 of the missing DNA samples – nearly 80 percent of the collections initially identified as missing.