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Washington to save sex-offender DNA

Justice and DNAOLYMPIA – DNA collected in any felony case charged as a violent or sex offense will now be preserved through the length of the offender’s sentence, including post-prison community custody, under a new law signed Monday by Gov. Jay Inslee.

Senate OKs post-conviction preservation of DNA

helix2OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Senate has passed a bill that would require DNA collected in any felony case charged as a violent or sex offense to be preserved through the length of the offender’s sentence, including post-prison community custody.

Speaker Madigan wants $6 million increase to speed up testing of rape kits

MadiganThe day after his daughter, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, announced the formation of a statewide felony sex crime task force, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan announced Wednesday he will push for a $6 million increase in funding to state and local crime labs that handle rape cases.

Ohio legislation would extend statute of limitations on rape cases amid ongoing DNA testing

old DNACOLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio’s 20-year statute of limitations for prosecuting rape cases could be extended under legislation in the House and Senate.

Bill would require post-conviction preservation of DNA

swabOLYMPIA, Wash. – DNA evidence can be the turning point for a post-conviction appeal, but whether or not it still exists years later is often no guarantee.

Biden calls rape kit testing ‘absolute priority’

BidenPointing to the existence of hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits across the country, Vice President Joe Biden told advocates in Baltimore County on Monday that the Obama administration is committed to increasing funding to help clear a backlog that has left victims waiting for justice.

Victims’ mothers support DNA swabs for felony suspects

Sepich and WalkerNew Mexico mother Jayann Sepich recently says in St. Paul that her daughter’s killer could have been caught much quicker had DNA been taken from felony suspects. Next to her is Linda Walker, mother of Dru Sjodin, a Minnesota girl killed in 2003. With them are Minnesota Sens. Carrie Ruud of Breezy Point and Bill Ingebrigtsen of Alexandria, who have a bill to require DNA swabs from felony suspects. (Senate Media Services photo by A.J. Olmscheid)

Bill Introduced to Overhaul Oregon’s Post-Conviction DNA Testing Law

blue helix2Representatives in Salem introduced a bill this week that re-writes Oregon’s post-conviction DNA testing law.
Oregon, like most states, allows people who say they have been wrongfully convicted to request DNA testing of evidence that might prove their innocence.

Wider DNA collection passes in House panel

Ark legislatureArkansas- Lawmakers on Thursday moved forward an effort to expand the types of suspects who must submit DNA samples to law enforcement. They also pushed to expand rights for gun owners at polling places.

Qatar moves to allow DNA evidence in court

Blood CardDNA evidence could be admissible in Qatari courts for the time, after the government approved a draft law that specifies ways in which samples can be used.
The draft bill on DNA – which was approved by cabinet last Wednesday, according to the state news agency – stipulates how DNA tests should be carried out, how DNA data should be kept and under what confidentiality clauses, and considers DNA evidence “to be authoritative in evidence unless proven otherwise”.

Planned Canadian DNA data bank will fall short of gold standard as tool in search for missing indigenous women

anonymous deadCanada’s much-anticipated DNA data bank for linking missing persons with unidentified remains has been heralded as a powerful new tool to identify the nameless and help put killers behind bars. The Conservative government has also touted the data bank as a way to bring some closure to families of missing aboriginal women whose loved ones may, in fact, be dead – their unclaimed remains buried in unmarked graves or stored at coroners’ offices in cardboard boxes.

Bill aims to restore DNA collection from criminals

dark helixPALM DESERT, Calif. – Some California law makers are pushing to have people who are arrested for certain misdemeanor crimes give DNA samples to police.

Oklahoma House approves bill to expand collection of DNA

dna_justiceOKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – The Oklahoma House has approved a bill allowing Oklahoma district attorneys to collect DNA samples for the state’s offender database from defendants who aren’t sentenced to prison.

New DNA tool OK in trial

GATTACA ImageA top state judge will allow the use of new computer-assisted DNA technology in the murder trial of a career criminal accused of strangling a 41-year-old mentally ill man during a robbery nearly five years ago.

Oklahoma House committee approves DNA sample bill

GATCOKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The number of DNA samples collected by Oklahoma for the state’s database could increase by 10,000 per year under a bill approved by a state House committee.