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Qatar moves to allow DNA evidence in court

Blood CardDNA evidence could be admissible in Qatari courts for the time, after the government approved a draft law that specifies ways in which samples can be used.
The draft bill on DNA – which was approved by cabinet last Wednesday, according to the state news agency – stipulates how DNA tests should be carried out, how DNA data should be kept and under what confidentiality clauses, and considers DNA evidence “to be authoritative in evidence unless proven otherwise”.

Planned Canadian DNA data bank will fall short of gold standard as tool in search for missing indigenous women

anonymous deadCanada’s much-anticipated DNA data bank for linking missing persons with unidentified remains has been heralded as a powerful new tool to identify the nameless and help put killers behind bars. The Conservative government has also touted the data bank as a way to bring some closure to families of missing aboriginal women whose loved ones may, in fact, be dead – their unclaimed remains buried in unmarked graves or stored at coroners’ offices in cardboard boxes.

Bill aims to restore DNA collection from criminals

dark helixPALM DESERT, Calif. – Some California law makers are pushing to have people who are arrested for certain misdemeanor crimes give DNA samples to police.

Oklahoma House approves bill to expand collection of DNA

dna_justiceOKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – The Oklahoma House has approved a bill allowing Oklahoma district attorneys to collect DNA samples for the state’s offender database from defendants who aren’t sentenced to prison.

New DNA tool OK in trial

GATTACA ImageA top state judge will allow the use of new computer-assisted DNA technology in the murder trial of a career criminal accused of strangling a 41-year-old mentally ill man during a robbery nearly five years ago.

Oklahoma House committee approves DNA sample bill

GATCOKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The number of DNA samples collected by Oklahoma for the state’s database could increase by 10,000 per year under a bill approved by a state House committee.

Bill to Expand DNA Database Passes State Senate

microscopeRICHMOND, Va (WVIR) – A bill that would expand Virginia’s DNA database unanimously passed in the state Senate Monday.
Senator Mark Obenshain’s proposal, Senate Bill 1187, would allow police to collect samples from criminals convicted of serious misdemeanors. Right now, the state primarily stores samples from felons.

Maryland man sentenced to 100 years in rape seeks reversal from US Supreme Court

helix10BALTIMORE — A man convicted of raping his former roommate is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse the conviction and his 100-year-prison sentence.
In papers filed Tuesday with the high court, Glenn Raynor says Maryland State Police violated his rights by testing DNA in his sweat, which was collected from a chair he had been sitting in during a voluntary interview at a police barracks.

IUPUI Rape May Spark Change to Indiana Law

Gavel and handcuffsA 2005 rape at IUPUI may lead to a change in Indiana’s statute of limitations.
Last year, a former teaching assistant at IUPUI walked into the Marion County sheriff’s office and confessed to a sexual assault eight years earlier. But prosecutors couldn’t charge him, because it was three years past the time limit for bringing charges.

Proposed Wash. Bill Would Require All Rape Kits Be Sent To Crime Lab Within 30 Days

DNA StudyLaw enforcement agencies in Washington state estimate there are more than five thousand kits containing DNA taken from rape victims sitting on the shelf, never making it to a lab for further analysis. Kits often don’t go anywhere if the victim can identify the suspect. Other times, often in domestic violence cases, the victims won’t press charges.

Bill would require DNA sampling in misdemeanors

DNA and justiceMONTPELIER — A pair of senators is looking to pass legislation that would require the collection of DNA samples from people convicted of misdemeanor crimes that carry prison terms, after the Vermont Supreme Court found a previous law unconstitutional.

New laws require DNA from all felony suspects

msp-crime-lab-aLANSING, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Rick Snyder has signed laws expanding the collection of DNA samples to include people arrested on suspicion of any felony charge.
Michigan already requires DNA swabs from those arrested on suspicion of murder, rape and other violent felonies.
Snyder said Monday that collecting more samples will help identify suspects earlier in investigations and improve public safety.

Ohio bill to require rape kit testing within 30 days passes

DeWineA bill that requires Ohio law enforcement agencies to send all their untested rape kits for testing within 30 days passed the House yesterday.

Michigan Lawmakers Approve DNA Collection Bills

RNA AnalysisMichigan Lawmakers have approved a bill that allows police to collect DNA samples, from people arrested on suspicion of any felony charge.

Mandatory rape kit testing approved by Ohio House

Ohio StatehouseCOLUMBUS, Ohio — A bill intended to clear a decades-long backlog of untested rape kits unanimously passed the Ohio House on Wednesday and will head to Gov. John Kasich’s desk.