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DNA proves man innocent of 1982 rape and murder in famous ‘bite-mark’ case, lawyers say

dna_justiceRecent DNA testing proves that a former sailor, convicted primarily on questionable bite mark evidence, is innocent of the savage 1982 rape of a Newport News woman and the murder of her husband, the man’s lawyers say.

Rape kit backlog: DNA matches suspect to teens’ rape 6 years later

CAL DOJ AnalystsSACRAMENTO — One minute they were getting into their car on Allston Way in Berkeley just before 10 on an unseasonably warm Friday night. The next, a stranger had a black handgun to their heads.

Cold cases could be solved thanks to grant for SHSU researchers

body outlineThe grant allows Dr. Sheree Hughes-Stamm and her colleague Dr. Bruce Budowle from the University of North Texas to investigate the best methods for extracting DNA from badly decomposed remains through a process called next generation DNA sequencing.

Mounties to collect about 2,000 DNA samples in unprecedented attempt at solving Manitoba girl’s murder

teresa_robinsonHer remains were found in such bad shape, residents thought she had been mauled by a bear.
Now, almost a year after the killing of Teresa Robinson, 11, in a remote northern Manitoba First Nation community and under pressure to solve the case, RCMP investigators are trying to gather DNA samples from about 2,000 local men and boys.

Suspect now linked to two crimes thanks to new DNA database

Forensic LabIRELAND- This is the first case since the DNA database was set up last November that a match has been made between a person and a crime. “It’s the first official hit recorded by the new database,” said Dr Sheila Willis, director general of FSI.

England’s unclaimed dead and the people trying to give them a name

UK UnclaimedWithout a name, they are referred to by the clothes they died in or some other distinguishing feature. The lady in the Afghan coat and a woman who may have been a sex worker known as The Duchess are just two of the hundreds of unidentified body cases reported to the National Crime Agency (NCA) each year. Half will be identified and returned to their loved ones. But what happens to the rest?

Officials work to exhume body of ‘Baby Moses’ to help solve 1983 cold case

Baby MosesSTUART — Officials Monday worked on solving a homicide case that began in 1983 with the discovery of the body of an unidentified infant boy in a local waterway.
The probe led Martin County Sheriff’s Office investigators to Fernhill Memorial Garden on Kanner Highway, where three unidentified infants were buried separately in 1989, including the body of the infant sheriff’s investigators would refer to as “Baby Moses.”

Louise Bell trial to resume as ‘founding father of DNA’ prepares to give evidence

10 yr old Louise BellThe Louise Bell historic murder trial has resumed in South Australia with “one of the founding fathers of DNA internationally” to give evidence this week.
Louise vanished from her Hackham West bedroom, southern Adelaide, in January 1983 and her body has never been found.

The mystery behind the unidentified remains in Ireland’s morgues

DNA RenderingIT IS UNCLEAR just how many unidentified bodies are buried in Ireland or located in the country’s morgues.
Those who represent the families of missing persons claim there is a lack of respect for these nameless men and women, some of whom may never be identified. Most of these bodies and body parts washed up on Irish beaches or were found in the nets of fishing trawlers and brought back to shore.

How DNA Solved a 36-Year-Old Mystery, and Created Yet Another

In October 2011, a doctor from the north side of Chicago heard news that authorities were trying to identify the last of the unnamed victims of 1970s serial killer John Wayne Gacy. She immediately thought of her half-brother.

DNA Match Led Cops to Michael Jones, Who Allegedly Killed Girl 30 Years Ago

Jones Wesselman cold caseA man accused of raping and murdering a teenage girl 30 years ago was nabbed after he submitted DNA for a recent domestic violence conviction and it matched genetic material taken from the 1985 crime scene, authorities revealed Monday.

Most investigators unaware of right method to collect samples for forensic testing: Experts

Sheena BoraMUMBAI: Experts say the seamless application of forensics in the Sheena Bora murder case should persuade investigators to utilize the science more often and beyond such high-profile cases. A combined team of forensic science and medicine experts along with the police exhumed 86 bones from Raigad, which DNA profiling has conclusively proved to be of Sheena Bora.

Italy’s Highest Court Explains Decision to Clear Amanda Knox

KnoxROME — Italy’s highest court said Monday that the case against the Seattle resident Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend — whose convictions in the 2007 murder of a British student were definitively overturned in March — was marked by “culpable omissions of investigative activity” and “contradictory evidence” that raised reasonable doubt of their guilt.

The strange case of Ned Kelly’s head

Ned KellyNed Kelly was to lose his head three times, but it was the first time which was to have the greatest effect on him. Despite the exhaustive documentation of the bushranger’s short life, nobody knows where his skull is. That’s not for lack of searching, though, as Dr Craig Cormick writes.

Who is buried in potter’s field?

Potters FieldSAN BERNARDINO – In a tiny cemetery that serves as the final stop for hundreds of once-destitute people, college students are spending another summer trying to solve the mysteries of anonymous death in a hectic world.
The basic goal is simple – to connect names to bodies.