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Kentucky State Police apply for $1.8 million grant for untested rape kits

DNA Helix 2FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) — Kentucky State Police are asking for nearly $2 million in grant money to help with a backlog of rape kits.
There are more than 860 untested rape kits at the state crime lab In Frankfort and KSP is hopeful that with more grant money, those could be processed.

Senate chairman demands action on rape kits

DNA LabIn the wake of a USA TODAY Media Network investigation, the chairman of a key U.S Senate committee is demanding that the Justice Department answer questions and provide records about its efforts to reduce the nation’s backlog of untested sexual assault kits.

DNA testing of sexual assault kits tops 8,000 in Ohio

Sexual Assault Evidence KitCOLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced that forensic scientists with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation have now tested more than 8,000 sexual assault kits as part of a special initiative to test rape kits that had never been tested for DNA.

DPS processing thousands of untested rape kits

Collecting DNA SamplesSAN ANTONIO – The Texas Department of Public Safety continues to process approximately 20,000 rape kits that had been previously untested. The process began in 2013. Nearly 2,000 kits are from sexual assaults reported to the San Antonio Police Department.

Cold Case Unit’s end didn’t stop Iowa DCI from continuing search for DNA profiles

helix9In its three years in operation, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation’s Cold Case Unit brought to close two unsolved homicide cases dating as far back as the 1970s.
The unit was shut down in 2011 after the federal grant that funded it ran out. But DCI officials said they continue to investigate homicides cases that have gone years, or even decades, without justice.

Police scramble to test old rape kits leads to crime backlog

sexual assault kitsATLANTA — The State Crime Lab has been swamped with rape kits awaiting DNA analysis since March, accelerating in June when police agencies around the state responded to criticism that old evidence wasn’t being tested.

Justice Dept. insists it has no appropriation for rape-kit testing

DOJ says no fundsThe Department of Justice is insisting that it has no specific appropriation from Congress to fund the testing of rape kits around the country, even though some members of Congress say Justice should have funding from the huge omnibus spending bill from late last year.
Last week, Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, accused Justice of failing to fund the Debbie Smith DNA Backlog Program, even though Congress authorized that program in 2013, and funded it in 2014.

Why Haven’t 70,000 Rape Kits Been Tested for DNA?

Justice ScalesHundreds of thousands of rape kits that could identify serial sexual attackers are sitting untested by police departments across the country — despite promises and federal funds to clear the backlog, a new agency-by-agency count suggests.

Tens of thousands of rape kits go untested across USA

helix10USA Today- After 18 years without justice, Joanie Scheske believed the man who raped her would never be caught.
That changed when St. Louis police called in 2009. Evidence in a separate, eight-year old sexual assault was finally tested and matched her attacker’s DNA.
Rapist Mark Frisella, whose attack was so brutal Scheske still suffers from epilepsy, is serving 19 years in prison.
“I had a really difficult time wrapping my head around why that rape kit was never tested,” Scheske said. “My case is a poster child as to why you test these kits.”

Localities respond to rape kit testing protocols

Justice ScalesNORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — A 13News Now Investigation has uncovered hundreds of sexual assault kits that have not been tested for DNA in Hampton Roads.
In Virginia, there is no mandatory testing of new kits and no law mandating the testing of backlogged kits.

Bill aims to speed up sexual assault investigations in Pennsylvania

DNA Backlog1By adopting the various measures, Pennsylvania will become eligible for funding under the Debbie Smith Act, which provides money to state and local authorities to help eliminate DNA evidence backlogs.

Bill heading to Gov. Wolf aims to speed DNA testing in sex assault cases

PA capPA- Newly-passed state legislation designed to speed the testing of DNA evidence in sexual assault cases should be a help in dealing with those crimes, a veteran midstate sex-crime prosecutor said Thursday.

Untested Rape Kits: State Budget Earmarks $300,000 for Backlog

DNA HelixLAKELAND | Although Gov. Rick Scott slashed more than $460 million from the 2015 Florida budget, Specific Appropriation 1247 remained untouched.
SA 1247 provides $300,000 in recurring general revenue funds to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement “to conduct a statewide audit of rape kits that have not been analyzed, including both kits that have been submitted to a laboratory for analysis and those that have not been submitted.”

Law enforcement struggles with rape kits backlog

GATCSexual assault cases are breaking, or at least getting cracked, locally and throughout the nation as backlogged rape kits flood into labs for analysis.
In the Top of Utah, some of these untested kits date back over 15 years. Local police say they recognize the importance of getting tests out of storerooms and into crime centers for testing. But the road from local law enforcement agency to the state forensic labs remains rutted. Agency to agency, local methods for navigating the backlog barriers also diverge.

Why Are 137 Rape Kits Untested In El Cajon?

Rape KitsJune 25, 2015 (El Cajon) – Nationwide, over 400,000 rape kits have never been tested, including many right here in our region. Yet testing every rape kit can produce undeniably dramatic results.