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A court in the Chelyabinsk region ordered on Monday to pay three million rubles ($101,200) to two families each, whose children were accidentally switched at birth 12 years ago, RIA Novosti reported.

Policy implications for familial searching

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Author: Joyce KimDanny MammoMarni SiegelSara Katsanis
Credits/Source: Investigative Genetics 2011, 2:22
Familial searching pushes DNA typing beyond merely identifying individuals to detecting genetic relatedness, an application previously reserved for missing persons identifications and custody battles.

Forgotten lab kit revives rape case

Detroit News
A DNA sample found inside a rape kit, gathering dust inside a Detroit Police crime lab for more than 14 years, has led to multiple charges against a Detroit man.

Government defends closure of Forensic Science Service

BBC News
The government has defended its decision to close the Forensic Science Service (FSS), which analyses crime scene evidence in England and Wales.