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DNA Labs International Sets a Higher Standard for Forensic DNA Collection with M-Vac

touch DNADEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA—April 7, 2014—DNA Labs International today announced they are the first lab on the East Coast to offer an advanced forensic DNA collection service that helps investigators solve more crime. This new collection method, a wet-vacuum based sampling device called the M-Vac System, is more scalable and sensitive in collecting DNA material from evidence when compared to traditional sampling methods such as swabbing and cutting. This is critical in scenarios where the amount of DNA is minimal or the exact biological deposit location is unknown.

Diane Dimond: Pets Helping Solve Crimes with UC Davis Veterinarian Forensic Lab

Buster1As far as crime laboratories go, it is not very impressive-looking. And it is not very big, with a permanent staff of just three forensic scientists and a few interns. But the work product that comes out of the Veterinarian Forensic Lab at UC Davis is important, and it has changed the way crimes are investigated and prosecuted worldwide.

Scientists Reconstruct Faces From DNA Samples

Human ID1Sometime in the future, technicians will go over the scene of the crime. They’ll uncover some DNA evidence and take it to the lab. And when the cops need to get a picture of the suspect, they won’t have to ask eyewitnesses to give descriptions to a sketch artist – they’ll just ask the technicians to get a mugshot from the DNA.

Cutting-Edge Forensics Lab Debuts at GW

Weedn-picWASHINGTON (WUSA9) — It’s the stuff you see on CBS’s CSI – cutting-edge crime solvers using the latest technology.
But we can show you the potential for real-life breakthroughs right here in our own backyard – inside a one-of-a-kind lab at George Washington University that could change the way crimes are solved.

New crime-fighting DNA technology to be tested in Florida court

Red HelisPALM BAY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO) – For the first time ever, a new crime fighting technology will be used in an attempt to convict a man suspected of stealing from a service member.

Richland sheriff’s department’s new machine analyzes DNA in 90 minutes

AmickRICHLAND COUNTY, SC — The Richland County Sheriff’s Department forensic lab can now confirm a suspect from evidence such as a discarded cigarette butt at a crime scene in as little as an hour and a half.
Thanks to a new machine that condenses the DNA analysis, a process that once took Richland County 24 hours now takes just 90 minutes.

Palm Bay Police Nail Crooks With DNA Evidence

DNA 2…In January, SmallPond, a software product, was added as a new tool to help combat crime. SmallPond is allowing Palm Bay and several local agencies, including Melbourne, West Melbourne and Cocoa Police, to form a cooperative alliance using DNA data to identify suspects who cross jurisdictions to commit their crimes…

JusticeTrax® Unveils LIMS-plus DNA Forensic Science Laboratory Software

dark helixJusticeTrax LIMS-plus DNA is a stand-alone DNA software application designed to reduce DNA backlogs by automating forensic sample processing for both forensic science casework and databanks.

Rapid DNA Tests: New Crime Fighter?

DNA imageLt. Pat Ledwith is Sarasota, Florida’s commander of criminal investigations. He says quicker DNA testing could make a big difference.
“Currently we have to send it off to a lab, either a state lab or private lab,”Ledwith explains.
Most cases of criminal DNA testing can take anywhere from a week to a month.
“If they come up with a process that expedites this testing, it could really help us solve crimes quickly, especially when we have no suspects in cases,” Lepwith adds.

DNA Analysis with UV-Visible Microspectroscopy

DNA under electron microscopeIn forensics laboratories, one of the most frequently used techniques is DNA analysis. This technique can be performed in several ways, however, precise identification and quantification of small samples has been often complex and time-consuming.
With recent advancements in UV-visible microspectroscopy technology, even trace amounts of DNA evidence can be easily quantified and analyzed for purity and viability. This article outlines the technique of DNA analysis using UV-visible microspectroscopy.

Pentagon, scientists closing in on rapid DNA technology

DNA IrelandResearchers are closing in on the final steps of a new system to analyze human DNA in 90 minutes instead of the two to three weeks it now takes, according to interviews with Pentagon and industry officials.
Such a dramatic cut in the amount of time to get a DNA sample has huge ramifications for law enforcement, war crimes investigations and immigration, said Chris Asplen, the executive director of the Global Alliance for Rapid DNA Testing.

Biomarkers leave gender clues at crime scene

crime scene1Scientists in the US have unveiled details of a colorimetric assay1 that could provide an initial indication of a suspect’s gender during the on-scene stages of a forensic investigation.

Science finally able to tell the genetic difference between identical twins

TwinsThough identical (or “monozygotic”) twins account for only one birth in every three thousand, geneticists have been baffled attempting to find ways to tell twins apart forensically; regular DNA fingerprinting doesn’t show any difference between the two individuals. This, obviously, can create some complications when it comes to forensic evidence and even paternity testing.

New Kiwi crime tool unravels mixed DNA

DNA MixturesA Kiwi backyard invention is changing crime scene investigations around the world. For the first time, police can take samples that contain more than one person’s DNA and unravel the strands.

‘Forensics has to be on a budget’

DNA Helix1On Wednesday, a High Court Judge made the claim and said the situation was “unacceptable” after he was told experts were refusing to accept any more police exhibits because they had reached their monthly quota.