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Thousands still missing since Bosnian War

bosnia1Although the war ended almost 20 years ago in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are still more than 8 000 missing persons. Since the end of the war, 22 000 persons have been exhumed and identified to this date.

US Advances in Identifying Korean War Vets’ Remains

Joint POW MIA Command membersWASHINGTON— The process of identifying American remains from the Korean War has picked up speed. Out of the 208 boxes of U.S. remains that Pyongyang handed over to Washington in the early 1990s, a total of 49 were identified in the last three years.

Behind the High Tech Forensics of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

MH17 VictimsDutch officials expect precise accuracy from DNA-matching software that will be used to identify many of the 298 Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 victims. But it is unknown whether there will be enough genetic evidence from the remains and relatives of the missing to ID everyone.
As of Friday, 171 people who died after the July 17 crash had not been recovered.

Korean War Soldier’s Remains To Return Home

war-vetPITTSBURGH (KDKA) – His family had given up hope, but thanks to DNA technology, the remains of a serviceman who died 63 years ago in the Korean War will finally be coming home.
It will happen Tuesday at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Lax security, slipshod collection spark fear of evidence contamination at Ukraine crash site

commuter busHRABOVE, Ukraine – When international monitors and Malaysian aviation experts arrived Tuesday at the two main sites where the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 smashed into the undulating countryside of eastern Ukraine, there was almost no perimeter tape.

DNA testing helps identify 20 missing Uttarakhand flood victims

uttarakhand-floodsThe relatives of around 5,000 people, who were reported missing and feared dead in the floods and landslides in Uttarakhand in June 2013, have been asked to send their blood samples to undertake DNA testing for identification of bodies.
The Hyderabad-based Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) has already undertaken DNA profiling of mortal remains of around 550 victims that were sent by the Uttarakhand government and completed the profiling in 400 cases, CDFD Director, J. Gowrishankar told reporters here on Monday.

70 years after, WWII U.S soldier identified by DNA

PFC Lawrence GordonTHE family of Private First Class (PFC), Lawrence S. Gordon has announced that their relative has been officially accounted for with the United States Government and Department of Defense almost 70 years after his death during the World War Two (WWII).
The news came after three independent laboratories were able to get positive DNA results from multiple bone and tooth samples.

Defense Department recovers remains from 1952 Alaska crash

Korean War MemorialThe Department of Defense announced today 17 service members have been recovered from a C-124 Globemaster aircraft that was lost on Nov. 22, 1952.

Saginaw veteran hopes DNA holds key to World War 2 mystery

Jim CetroneSAGINAW, MI — Saginaw resident Tony Cetrone’s brother went missing in action on an island battlefield in World War II.
He never expected to get a telephone call 70 years later asking if he was the brother of Private Peter Cetrone.

Out of the Shadows: A Tool for the Identification of the Victims of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking VictimsThe landmark Trafficking Victims Protection Act made trafficking in persons a federal crime in 2000, but the greatest obstacle to rescuing victims of human trafficking is identifying them. To make identifying these people easier—and subsequently, getting them the services and support they need while also generating evidence against their traffickers—Vera created a screening tool to be used by victim service providers and law enforcement when faced with someone who may be a victim of human trafficking.

Bosnian floods unearth mass graves

bosnia1Last month’s devastating Balkans floods unearthed two mass graves containing the remains of nine Muslims killed during the Bosnian war of the 1990s, a missing person’s organisation said on Friday.

Tuam children’s bodies: Catholic Church ‘has no records’

Unmarked graveThe remains were in a disused concrete septic tank at the County Galway home. The children, aged between two days and nine years, died between 1925 and 1961.
The grave in Tuam was found nearly 40 years ago, but was initially thought to be from the 1850s famine.

Bosnia arrests three for war crimes near site of biggest mass grave

ICMP and workersSARAJEVO (Reuters) – Police arrested three Bosnian Serb former soldiers on Thursday on suspicion of war crimes against Muslim Bosniaks following the discovery last year of what is potentially the largest mass grave of Bosnia’s 1992-95 conflict.

U Indy Forensic Science Team Resumes Migrant ID Project in Southern Texas

DNA 3DNewswise — This is not your typical summer break from college: A University of Indianapolis professor and five students will leave for southern Texas on Saturday to spend two weeks digging holes in oppressive heat and humidity, with more than a few snakes and scorpions as company.

Remains of Kosovo Albanian War Victims Found in Serbia

Kosovo Albanian War victimsForsenic experts in Serbia have uncovered the remains of ethnic Albanians killed during the Kosovo war in a suspected mass grave, officials said Tuesday.
Since the exhumation began at the Rudnica quarry near the southwestern town of Raska in April, “the remains of 21 persons have been found,” Serbia’s commission for missing persons said in a statement.