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Pakistani Clerics Reportedly Reverse Course On DNA Evidence In Rape Cases

PakistanRape cases are notoriously hard to prosecute in Pakistan. Under current law, victims must produce four witnesses — all male, adult, and pious — to bring rape allegations to trial. Forensic evidence, such as DNA samples, is considered only circumstantial.

DNA act in the offing

blue purple helixBangladesh-The government is preparing a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) act, 2013 with a section allowing the forced collection of samples from non-cooperative individuals for DNA profiling, albeit after a court order.

Debbie Smith met with TX US Senator John Cornyn to discuss Debbie Smith Act

RobandDebbieWASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) today met with crime victims’ advocate and rape survivor Debbie Smith and her husband Rob and discussed implementation of the SAFER Act and further ways to protect the rights of victims of violent crimes.

Katie’s Law Results in New Mexico’s 500th DNA Match

Helix6ANTA FE ─ Jayann Sepich and Gov. Susana Martinez announced Monday that Katie’s Law has led to the 500th match of DNA data to a criminal case in New Mexico.

State Crime Lab Backups Causing Local Issues

AnalystState College-Center County- Imagine being the victim of a violent crime and the criminal is still out on the streets, all because DNA results aren’t back from the crime lab.

Is Arrestee DNA Collection Cost-Effective?

DNA and justiceThe implementation of state laws expanding DNA collection to include arrestees has caused significant administrative and analytical burdens on state laboratories and collecting agencies, according to a STUDY by the non-profit Urban Institute.

Md. public defenders weighing appeals in DNA cases

Justice and DNAANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Maryland Office of the Public Defender is seriously considering an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in two cases involving rape convictions where DNA analysts’ reports were used but the analysts themselves never testified.

South Africa: Name – Vanessa Lynch. Project: CSI:SA

DNA and justiceWhen Vanessa Lynch’s father was brutally murdered in Johannesburg in 2004, she made it her mission to help educate South Africa about the vital role that DNA evidence can play in helping to convict criminals. Nine years on, her DNA Project campaign has just taken a major step forward.

Lindsey’s Law elusive for ‘remarkable’ mother

Lindsey Nicholls CaseA Teddy Bear Picnic Friday at Port Augusta Park was intended to raise awareness of the file — which remains active at the Comox Valley RCMP detachment — and of DNA legislation in the works dubbed Lindsey’s Law. The latter is hoped to become the framework for a national missing persons’ DNA databank.

The United States Has a Huge Backlog of Untested DNA Evidence

fingerprintSupreme Court Justice Samuel Alito called it “the most important criminal procedure case that this court has heard in decades.” But for now, the Court’s decision in the Maryland v. King case—regarding whether police can swab your cheeks for DNA during booking—may be functionally irrelevant. The nation doesn’t have a genetic-processing apparatus in place to deal with the current overload of DNA samples. There’s a massive backlog of biological evidence in crime labs, and efforts to combat that backlog in recent years have failed.

Forensic Science Training for Laboratory Counsel

GavelCourse Description
This training opportunity will give laboratory counsel the opportunity to learn new information, challenges in forensic science, and common issues faced by fellow counselors.

Ga. lawmakers pushing for DNA sampling bill for arrested felons

DNA6GEORGIA–DNA matching plays a big role in catching criminals these days. And Georgia wants to take DNA tests a step further. Other states have laws on the books allowing police to take DNA samples rom arrested suspects, and now, some Georgia lawmakers are trying to do the same.

Plan to establish national DNA database

Microtube DNATHE National Assembly is considering a law that will enable the police to collect DNA from all suspects arrested for any crime — a step that will make South Africa the first African country to establish a nationwide offender DNA database to fight crime.

DNA law leads to break in cold case

DNA and justiceNEW PHILADELPHIA — Crediting a new law requiring inmates to submit DNA swabs, the New Philadelphia Police Department said it has been able to find a suspect in a rape case that went cold last year.

Spread of DNA databases sparks ethical concerns

DNA Analysis1LONDON — You can ditch your computer and leave your cellphone at home, but you can’t escape your DNA.
It belongs uniquely to you — and, increasingly, to the authorities.