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New Form Of DNA Collection Given Court Approval: Indiana Not On Board

GavelINDIANA ( — Police in Indiana will not be able to take advantage of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling granting law enforcement new powers to collect evidence from criminal suspects.

Supreme Court Thinks DNA Collection Is Awesome, Worth The Invasion Of Arrestees’ Privacy

Justice and DNAThe FBI currently oversees a database with approximately 12 million people’s genetic fingerprints. The majority of those DNA samples came from people convicted of crimes, but nearly 1.5 million came from people simply charged with crimes, who may or may not have ever been convicted. In a contentious decision [pdf] Monday, a divided Supreme Court gave five thumbs up to that collection, saying it’s okay to swab the cheeks of people when they’re arrested, taking their DNA along with their photos and fingerprints.

Katie’s Law is Constitutional

Katie SepichALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It was a major victory for a DNA collection law in New Mexico and across the U.S. The Supreme Court has ruled that swabbing DNA of people arrested for felony crimes is constitutional.
The law started in New Mexico, known as Katie’s Law.

Supreme Court OKs DNA swab in serious arrests

CourtWASHINGTON — A narrowly divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that police can collect DNA from people arrested but not yet convicted of serious crimes, a tool that more than half the states already use to help crack unsolved crimes.

Does justice have expiration date?

Model of a DNA MoleculeTwo state senators are proposing that Ohio do away with its statute of limitations for rape and sexual battery.

‘Enormous’ repercussions as court weighs DNA sampling during arrests

Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court is about to decide what one justice says may be its most important criminal procedure case in decades — whether the police have the right to take a DNA sample after they make an arrest.

DNA test in rape case can’t be used as main evidence

DNA and justiceISLAMABAD – The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has declared that DNA tests are not admissible as the main evidence in rape cases.

Law enforcement pushes for power to swab for DNA on arrest

DNA swab2“Book ‘em” could carry a whole new meaning at police stations in Canada if lawmakers are swayed to make a controversial change to the Criminal Code.
A growing number of law enforcement representatives are calling for new powers to collect DNA from criminal suspects at the time of their arrest, not just upon their conviction.

DNA bill will help conviction rate

HancockDurban – South Africa has one of the highest crime rates internationally and an overburdened police and judicial system that results in few convictions.
The system is in dire need of a comprehensive national DNA database which will help convict offenders and exonerate people wrongly accused, improving the effectiveness and accuracy of the legal system.

Wis. budget committee approves DNA upon arrest

Database DNAMADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Legislature’s finance committee Thursday approved a plan in Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s executive budget that would dramatically expand the state’s powers to seize DNA from crime suspects.

Budget committee to take up DNA collection from felons Thursday

Madison – Proposals from Gov. Scott Walker to collect DNA from those arrested for felonies and allow GPS tracking for restraining orders will come before the Legislature’s budget committee Thursday.GATC
Walker’s 2013-’15 budget bill provides about $6 million to collect DNA samples at every felony arrest and some misdemeanor arrests, as well as upon the conviction for any crime. That would lead to collecting DNA from tens of thousands more accused criminals from across the state each year.

Nevada Assembly passes Brianna’s Law

Justice and DNACARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Seconds after the Assembly narrowly approved a bill Monday requiring DNA to be collected upon booking for a felony arrest, Bridgette Zunino-Denison’s phone buzzed.
It was a text from Jayann Sepich, the mother of Katie Sepich who is the namesake of the federal version of the same law.
“Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!” it read.

Lawmakers to vote on expanding DNA database

DNA Backlog1MADISON, Wis. —Wisconsin lawmakers are set this week to consider Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to take DNA from anyone arrested for a felony and anyone convicted of any crime.

Oklahoma lawmakers near passage of DNA testing bill

dna_justiceOKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Convicted criminals who maintain their innocence would have a way to seek DNA testing to help prove their cases under a bill that is nearing final passage in the Legislature and would eliminate Oklahoma’s dubious distinction as the only state in the nation without such a program.

Governor signs bill expanding DNA collection

GATCDES MOINES — Gov. Terry Branstad signed a pair of bills into law Wednesday that he said will use modern technology to make Iowa safer and state government more efficient.