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Canada works to institute a national missing persons DNA databank

Canadian FlagJudy Peterson arranged to meet a pair of British Columbia RCMP officers on the side of the road halfway between Courtenay and Victoria. The police opened the back of their SUV, retrieved a DNA collection kit and pricked Ms. Peterson’s fingertip for blood.
The sample was transformed into a genetic profile and uploaded into the province’s DNA databank, where it was cross-checked with profiles culled from unidentified remains – a system unique to B.C. in Canada. There wasn’t a match: Ms. Peterson’s missing daughter, Lindsey, wasn’t among the remains stored at the B.C. Coroners Service facility.

Government plans DNA database to help find missing people

IndiaThe government told the Supreme Court on Monday that it intends to create a database of DNA profiles for the first time to locate missing persons and to identify bodies, and a Bill in this regard is in the pipeline.
The decision is significant as approximately 40,000 unidentified bodies are disposed of every year, removing every trace of their existence.
At the same time, thousands are reported missing across the country.

SC wants creation of DNA database for unidentified bodies

Justice and DNAThe Supreme Court has asked the Centre to create a road map for setting up of a DNA database to help in identification of bodies and missing persons.
The bench of justices Dipak Mishra and V Gopala Gowda asked Additional Solicitor General N K Kaul, appearing for the Centre, to impress upon the government for creation of DNA database.

David Cameron in talks with EU leaders over international DNA database

David CameronDavid Cameron has been involved in talks which could increase cooperation over policing in Europe, documents show.
Ministers have told EU leaders that they will make a decision on whether to take part in a Europe-wide DNA database by 1 December next year and have promised to compensate Brussels if Britain decides to pull out

Saginaw veteran hopes DNA holds key to World War 2 mystery

Jim CetroneSAGINAW, MI — Saginaw resident Tony Cetrone’s brother went missing in action on an island battlefield in World War II.
He never expected to get a telephone call 70 years later asking if he was the brother of Private Peter Cetrone.

Legislation passed to establish Irish DNA database

Irish AnalystThe way has been paved for the establishment of a DNA database system to help solve crime.
The Seanad today passed the Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence and DNA Database System) Bill 2013. It was already approved by the Dail on May 1st and will see forensics technology used to link unsolved crimes and identify suspects.

Ex-Convict Arrested in Stabbing of Brooklyn Children

helix2…An official speaking on the condition of anonymity said earlier that a preliminary match had been made between DNA on the knife used to kill the boy and a profile in the New York State database. At the news conference, the police declined to detail the nature of the forensic evidence recovered…

Police DNA Database to Be Expanded

DNA SwabISRAEL-The Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved on Tuesday of a significant expansion of the list of criminal offenses that the police will be allowed to order the suspect provide a DNA sample to further their investigations.

Mass student DNA tests come back negative in hunt for French school rapist

rochelle-lyceeNone of the 539 samples collected from male pupils and teachers at a high school in western France match that of the perpetrator who last year raped a teenage girl in the school toilets, prosecutors said Wednesday.

DNA match could help put woman’s rapist behind bars nearly 19 years later

DNA Image1ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Almost 19 years after a woman was raped in downtown St. Louis, there’s finally a DNA match that could put her rapist behind bars.
Back in 1995, just two days before Christmas, a woman told police she was raped at gunpoint on the 300 block of North 7th Street.
For years, it was an unsolved crime. But in November of 2013, the national DNA database received a new match.

Expanding DNA database used to solve lesser crimes

human idIt was October 2010. A man in a Halloween mask used a realistic-looking toy shotgun to rob a Family Dollar near Cavalier Manor.
He broke in through the roof, forced an employee into a restroom and stole $500 from the safe before running out a back door, according to court documents. A moment later, the robber tossed the gun and mask into a nearby dumpster and disappeared.
The only real hope police had of identifying the culprit came in the form of a little DNA recovered from the mask. They say it may have been enough.

DNA Database Catches Up With Repeat Offenders

Blue HelixBy integrating a real-time DNA database, San Diego County prosecutors are better able to match defendants already being prosecuted to additional crimes they may have committed.

IAF to set up high-risk crew’s DNA database

DNA DatabaseIn a first, the Indian Air Force has initiated a project for DNA profiling of its personnel, selecting a high-risk group of aircrew that undertakes dangerous missions for the first round. A database of the DNA records will be established in Pune.

Nassau County police seek convicts for their DNA

DNA in BlueMINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) — Police are out searching not only for criminals but also for their DNA.
Under New York law, people convicted of felonies and most misdemeanors are required to provide DNA samples for possible links to unsolved crimes.

Backlog in Detroit rape evidence kits allows serial rapists to remain free

sexual assault kitsDETROIT — A published report says a backlog in testing thousands of Detroit rape evidence kits has allowed serial rapists to remain free and in some cases commit more attacks.