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5 cold case homicides revived in Grand Junction

dna-profilingGRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (AP) — Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger said Tuesday he is confident he can successfully prosecute five unsolved cases dating back half a century if enough evidence can be re-examined and witnesses located.
Grand Junction Police Department spokeswoman Kate Porras said Tuesday there is no indication the cases are related, but investigators are hoping advancements in DNA testing will help bring justice.

DNA ties man to 1997 murder of teenage runaway found in Wisconsin marsh

DNA in BlueRACINE, Wis. – Authorities in Wisconsin and Oklahoma used DNA and fingerprint analysis to connect an Illinois man to the cold-case slaying of a teenage runaway whose battered body was found in a Wisconsin marsh in 1997, the Racine County sheriff said Tuesday.

Stay away, don’t try to play with us: Dubai Police tell Pink Panther gang

pinkpnaantherDUBAI // Dubai Police worked closely with the production company behind a film about the notorious Pink Panthers jewellery thieves to get the message across that criminal activity will not be tolerated in the UAE.

New phone clue in hunt for Claudia Lawrence sparks DNA testing for 2,000 men

ClaudiaUK- POLICE are being urged to conduct mass DNA screening tests on men living in an area of York where missing chef Claudia Lawrence had spent time secretly shortly before her disappearance five years ago.

New DNA evidence leads to suspect in 2000 sex assault case

Justice and DNA1CHIPPEWA COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) – An inmate could see some added time in prison after DNA linked him to a sex assault case from more than a decade ago.

Four Years Later, NK Police Arrest B&E Subject after DNA Hit

DNA imageA shard of glass, some blood and a hit in the state DNA database four years later appears to have closed a break-in from 2010 at Kane’s Gun Shop.

Firm To Help Police Analyze DNA Found In East Liberty Double Murder

DNA in BluePITTSBURGH (KDKA) – An outside firm will help police analyze the forensic evidence that led to the arrest of the neighbor of tow sisters murdered in East Liberty.
Though he proclaims his innocence, police are confident they have already built a formidable case against Allen Wade.

FBI, authorities launch task force after DNA lead reignites interest in decades-old cold case

gypsy-hill-killingsThe FBI and California law enforcement agencies are launching a task force in an attempt to solve a decades-old cold case after linking another victim to a series of 1976 murders.

Bulgarian police recover DNA evidence of one of Burgas bombers

Red HelisHezbollah operative who remotely detonated bomb in suicide bomber’s backpack left hats, towel in hotel room which yield DNA evidence.

Old crimes can’t elude new DNA science

Hennepin Co AnalystMinute traces of DNA evidence can now be tested, helping Hennepin County investigators solve two murders, uncover three serial rapists and obtain dozens of convictions.

DNA testing of remains found at Florida’s Dozier School for Boys will take months

Dozier SchoolFort Worth, TX — The DNA testing of bones recently sent to the University of North Texas Health Science Center from the now-closed Dozier School for Boys in the Florida panhandle will likely take months to complete.
After University of South Florida researchers announced they’d unearthed 55 bodies at Dozier — 24 more than official records said were buried there — officials sent bone and tooth samples from 5 of the bodies to Texas for testing.

Cold case solved: Fairfield woman’s murder was mystery for 30 years

cold case evidenceFor more than 30 years, the mystery of who brutally raped and murdered Priscilla Lee Strole, 40, inside her Fairfield home remained unresolved.
Thanks to forensic breakthroughs, including a national fingerprint database and DNA evidence collected at the scene of the grisly murder, and the persistent efforts of a cold case detective team, the mystery has been solved, police said Tuesday.

Thirsty burglar caught after stopping for a glass of wine during break-in at Earlsdon home

GATC and tubePolice catch Graham Meharg after he had something to eat and left baseball cap behind

Innocence Project’s Barry Scheck gets on board 20-year-old Tulsa infant-murder case

DNA4A national organization that assists convicted prisoners in efforts to prove their innocence based on DNA testing has entered post-conviction proceedings in a Tulsa County murder case in which a teenage mother was convicted of murdering her infant son almost 20 years ago.

DNA profile created for woman who was shot dead, covered in quicklime

North Canaan RiverInvestigators have been able to come up with a DNA profile of a murdered Jane Doe who was found in an Oklahoma river more than three decades ago.
The unidentified woman had been shot three times by her killers and then had her corpse covered in a chemical called quicklime.
Police believe that the killers made this unusual move because they thought it would help deteriorate the body and get rid of any clues.
Instead, the chemical actually embalmed the body so that it was effectively mummified.