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More than 130 potential rapists identified in July through statewide testing initiative

sexual assault kitsCOLUMBUS, Ohio — State crime lab investigators found more than 130 DNA matches with potential rapists in July as part of the state’s rape kit testing initiative, the attorney general’s office announced Tuesday.

More attention to be focused on solving cold cases

cold case logoCHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) – There are 140 unsolved murders in Hamilton County, and some families have gone more than 40 years without answers. But local law enforcement is hoping to soon change that by focusing more attention on cold cases.

Ohio leads the way on breaking through the rape kit backlog

DNA HelixIt’s often said that justice delayed is justice denied. This is especially true for victims in sexual assault cases that were never prosecuted or even fully investigated.

Hollywood tackling issue of untested rape kits

GATCHOLLYWOOD — — The DNA evidence implicating a rape suspect languished in a Hollywood police refrigerator for nearly three years.
Investigators finally submitted the DNA for testing earlier this year — one month after suspect Kareem Malcolm was implicated in another rape in Boston.
The rape kit was discovered last year during an audit of the Hollywood Police Department. The audit, ordered by new Chief Frank Fernandez, turned up 94 untested rape kits.

Maryland’s DNA database records 3,500th hit

Maryland State policeGovernor Martin O’Malley today announced another milestone for Maryland’s DNA database, highlighting its role as an invaluable tool in the State’s success in driving down violent crime and homicide to three decade lows and in achieving the State’s goal to reduce violent crime by 20 percent by 2018.

Skeleton Found At Rhode Island Construction Site Was Man Who Vanished In 1982

An advertising showing a skeleton for thA construction crew renovating a building on Prairie Avenue in south Providence last July found a human skeleton buried under a concrete basement floor at the bottom of what used to be an elevator shaft.

Long-forgotten rape evidence finally reveals its clues in Northern Virginia lab

The trucks keep arriving from all over the country at an office park in Northern Virginia, each containing hundreds of envelopes marked with one word written on red tape: “Evidence.”
DNA CollectionJust after 9 on a weekday morning, Kim Freeman pulls her hair back from her face and walks from her cubicle to a large storage room. “I’m here for the two,” she tells a desk attendant.

Man linked to rape by DNA evidence taken more than decade after crime gets 16 years to life

dna-samplesDENVER — A man convicted of sexually assaulting a woman after a DNA sample taken when he was arrested on other charges more than a decade later linked him to the attack has been sentenced to 16 years to life in prison.

Rapist sentenced to prison after DNA matches 20-year-old rape kit

CourtCleveland – A Cleveland woman confronted the man whose DNA matched a 20 year-old rape kit that resulted in his conviction and prison sentence.
Victor Hill, 38, received 10 to 25 years in prison for rape after successfully being prosecuted by the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office Cold Case Unit.

Weasenham St Peter DNA clue to baby found dead in 1988

ChurchThe parents of a baby found dead in a water-filled pit 26 years ago could be found by police after a DNA sample was taken from the boy’s body.

Experts: Flawed DNA evidence used against Amanda Knox

amanda-knoxCHICAGO – Italian police investigating the death of Meredith Kercher made multiple errors in handling DNA evidence that was used to convict Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, according to a presentation by two scientists at a conference for trial attorneys in Chicago.

Salt Lake City rape data goes online

Crimescene DNA TestsAs promised in April by Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank, the police department on Tuesday began posting information online about the investigation into 625 rape cases.

U Indy Forensic Science Team Resumes Migrant ID Project in Southern Texas

DNA 3DNewswise — This is not your typical summer break from college: A University of Indianapolis professor and five students will leave for southern Texas on Saturday to spend two weeks digging holes in oppressive heat and humidity, with more than a few snakes and scorpions as company.

DNA extracted from crime scene

sole DNAPOLICE are using historical DNA evidence to crack a string of cold cases and nab dozens of sex offenders who thought they had got away with their sordid crimes.
And the DNA detectives are expecting to catch more offenders with new laws coming soon allowing DNA to be taken from a much wider range of suspects and convicted criminals.

Elaine Doyle murder: DNA samples could give clues to death

ElaineMinute traces of DNA on Elaine Doyle’s body might give clues about how she died, a trial has heard.