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Cleveland has cleared backlog of 3,985 untested rape kits

sexual assault kitsCLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland police have sent the last of 3,985 rape kits to the state crime lab for testing, clearing a backlog of untested sexual assault evidence stretching back to 1993.

Two dozen DNA matches found in first 150 rape kits tested under new law

sexual assault kitsDENVER – One year after the implementation of a new law prompted by a CALL7 investigation, officials say they have already found DNA matches by analyzing previously-untested rape kits.
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation said Thursday it had received results back from testing its first batch of 150 rape kits — which represents less than 5 percent of all untested kits statewide — which were outsourced to four labs throughout the country. From those 150 kits, CBI was able to develop 60 DNA profiles and upload them into CODIS, a national DNA database used by law enforcement to identity offenders and help solve crimes.

State needs to address lag in DNA testing

On television, DNA tests come back in 15 minutes. In real life, at least in North Carolina, it may take two years. Just ask Marianne Ortega.Crimescene DNA Tests
DNA testing has become increasingly important in both murder and sexual assault cases. It has proven to be a reliable tool in convicting the guilty and clearing the innocent. But that is true only if test results are available.

Ohio leads the way on breaking through the rape kit backlog

DNA HelixIt’s often said that justice delayed is justice denied. This is especially true for victims in sexual assault cases that were never prosecuted or even fully investigated.

Despite backlog , crime lab unlikely to get funding boost

NC Crime LabRaleigh, N.C. — Major backlogs in the State Crime Lab keep growing because of a shortage of DNA analysts and scientists who test blood in drunken driving cases, state Attorney General Roy Cooper has said, and the delays have caused some criminal charges to be dismissed.

Hollywood tackling issue of untested rape kits

GATCHOLLYWOOD — — The DNA evidence implicating a rape suspect languished in a Hollywood police refrigerator for nearly three years.
Investigators finally submitted the DNA for testing earlier this year — one month after suspect Kareem Malcolm was implicated in another rape in Boston.
The rape kit was discovered last year during an audit of the Hollywood Police Department. The audit, ordered by new Chief Frank Fernandez, turned up 94 untested rape kits.

Maryland’s DNA database records 3,500th hit

Maryland State policeGovernor Martin O’Malley today announced another milestone for Maryland’s DNA database, highlighting its role as an invaluable tool in the State’s success in driving down violent crime and homicide to three decade lows and in achieving the State’s goal to reduce violent crime by 20 percent by 2018.

Long-forgotten rape evidence finally reveals its clues in Northern Virginia lab

The trucks keep arriving from all over the country at an office park in Northern Virginia, each containing hundreds of envelopes marked with one word written on red tape: “Evidence.”
DNA CollectionJust after 9 on a weekday morning, Kim Freeman pulls her hair back from her face and walks from her cubicle to a large storage room. “I’m here for the two,” she tells a desk attendant.

Report released on Memphis rape kit backlog

sexual assault kitsMEMPHIS — A report says no single individual is responsible for a backlog of 12,000 rape kits that sat untested for years in Memphis.

Rape kit controversy: I-Team update

DNA Backlog1MODESTO, Calf. (KGO) — It might seem like common sense to test DNA evidence from sexual assaults to help catch more criminals, but a bill that would make that mandatory is getting some fierce opposition from the State Sheriff’s Association.

Bill aimed at reducing backlog in processing rape kits passes Ohio Senate

silver HelixYOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Before the Ohio state legislature broke for summer break it passed Senate Bill 316.
The bill authored by State Senator Capri Cafaro is aimed at reducing the backlog in processing sexual assault rape kits from local law enforcement agencies.

Congress poised to approve $41 million to help clear backlog of untested rape kits

Evidence Bag1Congress is poised to approve $41 million sought by the Obama administration to examine untested DNA evidence collected from rape victims and held by state and local police across the country.

What DC is doing to end its rape kit backlog

DNA_TestingWASHINGTON (WUSA9) — WUSA9 has been reporting on the gross injustice many rape victims endure in this country.
After an assault, victims often undergo a four-hour, invasive exam where a nurse combs their body for DNA. Four hundred thousand such sexual assault or rape kits sit on shelves untested all across the country, even though DNA could help get their rapists off the street. We called many of the jurisdictions that make up WUSA9′s viewing area, and found that D.C. has a backlog of 85 kits presently.

Rape Kit Backlog Report Tracks Complex Path

DNA techThe former federal prosecutor investigating the city’s untested rape kit backlog says clearing the backlog will mean more than an investment in testing the rape kits for DNA.

Bode Technology Launches Accelerated Processing of Sexual Assault Kits

dna12The Bode Technology Group, Inc. (Bode), a leading provider of forensic DNA services, announced today the introduction of the Bode Accelerated Sexual Assault Kit Processing (Bode ASAP™) service.