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Worthy joins Manhattan DA in rape kit announcement

Backlog of sexual assault kitsDETROIT (AP) — Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is applauding Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr.‘s pledge to use as much as $35 million to help eliminate a national backlog of untested rape kits.

NY prosecutor to fund rape kit testing nationally

sexual assault kitsNEW YORK (AP) — Evidence from up to 70,000 rape cases nationwide will get long-awaited DNA testing, the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. announced Wednesday as he pledged as much as $35 million to help eliminate a backlog that has long troubled authorities, victims and lawmakers.

Nearly 2,000 CODIS hits through sexual assault kit testing

codisOhio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that DNA testing conducted a part of the Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Kit Testing Initiative has now resulted in nearly 2,000 hits in the Combined DNA Index System.
As of Nov. 1, a total of 1,982 DNA profiles extracted from previously untested rape kits have matched DNA profiles already in the CODIS database.

More than 200 rape kits sit untested in the Tri-Cities

sexual assault kitsPublic records requests revealed of the 9,062 untested rape kits in Tennessee, 203 of them or about 2% are locked away in evidence rooms here in the Tri-Cities.

Twice violated

sole DNAThanks to a federal consent decree designed to improve police practices, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) has virtually eliminated its backlog of untested sexual assault DNA collection kits. NOPD accomplished this by submitting the data to the FBI’s nationwide database. The Louisiana State Police completed a similarly massive undertaking by reducing its backlog in 2008, submitting more than 30,000 statewide DNA samples to the database. These steps represent important milestones for both agencies, but much more remains to be done to give rape victims confidence that the government is doing all it can to prosecute sex crimes.

Metro Police working to get through rape kit backlog

Backlog of sexual assault kitsLAS VEGAS — Metro Police say they have never delayed or dropped a criminal case because of a back-log of un-tested rape kits.
Metro’s response comes after a national advocacy group released data that shows only about 16 percent of the rape kits held by Metro have been tested for DNA.

New data emerges on rape kit backlogs in four U.S. cities

sexual assault kitsNEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Thousands of rape kits remain untested in four major U.S. cities, according to new data on rape kit backlogs released on Friday by the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Over 5,000 rape kits tested as part of special initative

State of OhioOhio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Friday that forensic scientists with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) have tested more than 5,000 sexual assault kits as part of a special initiative to test rape kits that had never before been tested for DNA.

DNA analysis labs across the country testing backlog of Colorado rape kits

sexual assault kitsDENVER – Rape kits that went ignored by police across Colorado for years are now finally being analyzed under a new law prompted by a 7NEWS investigation, and the CALL7 Investigators got an exclusive look inside one of the labs that is processing them.

Congress sends Obama bill to cut big backlog of analyzing DNA evidence in rape cases

DNA imageWASHINGTON — Congress sent President Barack Obama legislation Thursday renewing a soon to expire program that helps local governments cut their backlogs of unexamined DNA evidence in rape cases.
The program provides federal grants to state and local law enforcement agencies so they can speed their analyses of untested evidence kits. Experts say many thousands of such kits are languishing in communities around the country, including some that are many years old.

SFPD working to end rape kit backlog, but several thousand will never be tested

HeatherMarloweAt the end of each performance of Heather Marlowe’s one-woman show about her 2010 rape “The Haze,” she makes a request to the audience: Write to Police Chief Greg Suhr to change the way San Francisco police investigate and handle rape cases.
That’s because The City — which reviewed its evidence for untested rape kits in 2013 after pressure from Marlowe — found it had several thousand kits that had never been sent to the lab, dating back more than a decade.

Crime lab backlog held up DNA evidence on Evans’ gun

EvansCook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said Thursday that a backlog at the Illinois State Police crime lab was responsible for a nearly one-year delay in processing key DNA evidence that has led to charges against a Chicago Police commander for allegedly putting a gun in a suspect’s mouth.

MPD Push on Rape Kit Backlog Yields Indictments

HarveyIndictments are ready on 22 Memphis rape cases that were part of the city’s backlog of untested sexual assault kits.
Memphis Police Department [MPD] Deputy Chief Jim Harvey said some of those indictments are on known suspects, and some of them are on DNA profiles of unknown suspects collected from the kits.

Delays in DNA

GATC and tubeOver the past two decades, DNA technology has become an invaluable tool for catching the guilty and exonerating the innocent. That’s why Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine started calling for old DNA evidence in late 2011, encouraging Ohio’s 800 law enforcement agencies to clear their testable sexual-assault evidence shelves.

More DNA analysts critical to fight backlog

Helix2AUSTIN — DNA evidence can be critical to solve a crime, but a big backlog of cases means it could be months, or even years, before some of those samples get tested.