IAF to set up high-risk crew’s DNA database

DNA DatabaseIn a first, the Indian Air Force has initiated a project for DNA profiling of its personnel, selecting a high-risk group of aircrew that undertakes dangerous missions for the first round. A database of the DNA records will be established in Pune.

Man who disappeared from stage coach in 1920 is oldest active missing-person case

Marvin ClarkMarvin Clark disappeared in about June 1920 on his way to the doctor.
A man of age 62 or 63, Clark had taken a stage coach from his home in Tigard, Oregon, to his doctor’s office in Portland. He never made it.

Researchers open gilded box with bones of Swedish medieval king for DNA analysis

King Erik in his CoffinUPPSALA, Sweden — Researchers from Uppsala University on Wednesday opened a small gilded box containing the skull and bones of Swedish King Erik IX, who became a national saint after he was murdered in 1160.

Neanderthals Lived in Small, Isolated Populations, Gene Analysis Shows

Wilma NeanderthalGenetic differences highlight how the path of these ancient humans diverged from ours..

Gov Approves Two Laws Aimed At Improving Criminal Justice System

DNA_TestingTwo bills aimed at improving Mississippi’s criminal justice system will soon take effect statewide. MPB’s Paul Boger reports on the changes to the state’s legal system

White: Let’s add science to battle against crime

DNA 3DBilly West has the Big Idea. Pay attention.Cumberland County’s district attorney has figured out how to make our criminal-justice system work better and faster. It’s a simple plan, albeit not cheap. But it’s slam-dunk-sure to work.
The youthful DA laid it out when he spoke April 11 at Fayetteville’s Safe Streets Symposium: We need a local crime lab.
West said his office, which handles about 100,000 cases a year, does a good job of moving cases through the judicial system. “Our numbers are some of the best in the state for moving cases,” he said, “except in cases waiting for the lab.”

Virginia Governor McAuliffe Signs Law To Account For Untested Rape Kits

sole DNAWASHINGTON, April 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On April 4, Governor McAuliffe signed SB 658, a bill that takes the first step towards removing dangerous criminals from the streets of Virginia. The new law, sponsored by State Senator Richard Black (Leesburg) requires all Virginia law enforcement agencies to account for any untested sexual assault kits in their evidence storage facilities. By doing so, Virginia joins a growing number of states taking steps to account for valuable, yet long ignored, rape case evidence.

Brutish and Short? DNA ‘Switch’ Sheds Light on Neanderthals

Neanderthal skullHow can creatures as different in body and mind as present-day humans and their extinct Neanderthal cousins be 99.84 percent identical genetically?
Four years after scientists discovered that the two species’ genomes differ by a fraction of a percent, geneticists said on Thursday they have an explanation: the cellular equivalent of “on”/”off” switches that determine whether DNA is activated or not.

Expand DNA Collection Law, Ark. Legislators Urged

helix2LITTLE ROCK, AR – An advocate for expanded DNA collection for all felony arrests says Arkansas’ current law doesn’t go far enough.
Jayann Sepich, founder of DNASaves.org, testifies around the country pushing for states to adopt or expand DNA collection upon arrest of all felony crimes

Forensic complex a boon to investigators

KingINDIAN RIVER COUNTY — The new Indian River County Sheriff’s Office forensic sciences complex may look like just a big building on the outside, but on the inside it’s the newest weapon in local law enforcement’s arsenal to catch and prosecute criminals.

Nassau County police seek convicts for their DNA

DNA in BlueMINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) — Police are out searching not only for criminals but also for their DNA.
Under New York law, people convicted of felonies and most misdemeanors are required to provide DNA samples for possible links to unsolved crimes.

Medical staff collect DNA samples from relatives of missing passengers

dna12Officials have set up a tent to collect DNA, beside the auditorium where many families of the missing passengers have been spending sleepless nights.
While rescue divers are putting in great efforts to search for survivors and recover bodies, the time that has passed and the harsh conditions at sea have made it difficult to identify the bodies.
With heavy hearts, families of the missing passengers have begun submitting their DNA to speed up the process of identification.

Backlog in Detroit rape evidence kits allows serial rapists to remain free

sexual assault kitsDETROIT — A published report says a backlog in testing thousands of Detroit rape evidence kits has allowed serial rapists to remain free and in some cases commit more attacks.

Join Our Webinar – Use PowerQuant™ System to Make Informed Casework Sample Decisions for STR Typing

FOR417_PromegaDate: Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Duration: 60 Minutes

NIJ seeks proposals for funding for the FY 2014 DNA Capacity Enhancement and Backlog Reduction Program

Justice DeptThis program funds States and units of local government with existing crime laboratories that conduct DNA analysis to process, record, screen, and analyze forensic DNA and/or DNA database samples, and to increase the capacity of public forensic DNA and DNA database laboratories to process more DNA samples, thereby helping to reduce the number of forensic DNA and DNA database samples awaiting analysis.